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David B

David, originally from Boulder, CO, spoke with me about the loss of his only child, which pushed him to travel as far as possible from his home.

During the winter of 2016, I conducted audio interviews and made portraits of individuals in the street community of Olympia, WA.

I spoke with ten people about their lived experiences, and the complex and often charged interactions between those who have houses and those who do not. Interviews were conducted in public spaces and feature the background noise of the city, emphasizing the necessity of constant motion and the lack of privacy faced by those without stable housing.

Through the stories of these individuals, I seek to give audiences insight into the diverse array of experiences, challenges, and histories carried by those without houses. I also seek to provide a platform for “speaking back” against stereotypes and misconceptions.

The project's title, "Houseless" is a product of many conversations with interview subjects as well as other folks in the street community, and their assertions that the title "homeless" implies not belonging, and not being capable of belonging, and that the only thing setting them apart was their lack of a house, not their ability to be "at home" in their community.