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My name is Ruby Love. I am multimedia artist focusing on documentary projects. I also work as the Arts & Culture editor of The Evergreen State College newspaper, The Cooper Point Journal. 

I have worked to explore both traditional and modern photographic processes in order to master the creation of my images. Building a home darkroom at 14, I taught myself to process my own film and prints; learning the most fundamental aspects of photography. My interest in developing my own work and research of traditional methods like the Zone System have helped me cultivate a hands-on approach and enabled me to gain greater control over the process of photography. Merging my photographic work with writing, audio recording, and video production, I am pursuing documentary projects which combine media to create a more immersive experience. 

Past projects include Mojo Hand Zine, a collection of art and writing by local artists published semi-regularly, and The Ink Drop, a 365-day art project featuring work based on a daily prompt-a randomly selected dictionary word.

My latest project, House[less] is a documentary series featuring still portraits and audio interviews. The project focuses on the lives of ten individuals living without stable housing in Olympia, Washington.

I am currently working on a project which explores family narratives, identity, and sense of place through photography, video, and audio interviews.  I am pursuing a degree in documentary photography and curatorial methods from The Evergreen State College.

Instagram: @ruby_love